I was born in Finland where, from the age of four, I started gymnastics, followed by various sports, until music took over my life completely. When studying viola in the Academy of Music and Dance in The Netherlands, I sneaked in to the dance department’s yoga class: It was love at a first sight. As an artist, I was fascinated by the beauty of the yoga poses and the body-mind-spirit connection, while the old gymnast in me was attracted to its physical challenges. My violist’s body, which was suffering from many over-use injuries and bad playing-postures, benefited enormously from yoga. After years of daily practice and study, my hunger to learn more brought me to Zürich to the Yoga Alliance approved International Yoga Teacher Training course to study with two great teachers: Lance Schuler, whose strong flowing ‚Dynamic Vinyasa‘ style I had enjoyed already in many lessons and workshops, and Glenn Ceresoli, a senior Iyengar Yoga teacher, who introduced me to the Iyengar yoga style. In 2006 I took part in Glenn’s teacher training in Australia. I am teaching from my love of yoga and the desire to share what I have learned and discovered, taking special care of the correct alignment of the body in the poses, helping it to open up and re-educate it to the better ways of moving.

Language: English

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